“Have you ever unpacked your camping gear just before going on a trip and realized that your tent was torn, a zip has broken and your camping plans ruined?”

This was the experience that sparked my passion for providing fellow campers with superior quality tents and tent repair services.

I founded Tent Clinic 2 in early 2017, and began intensive research around this service and subsequently dedicated all my time and resources in service to the camping community.

Tent Clinic 2 is now thrilled to provide it’s services to fellow campers and customers from all over Cape Town and has since grown to provide various other canvas repair services and products.

We are dedicated to giving you the very best and most comfortable camping experience with a focus on reliable service, top quality products, an excellent customer experience and overall peace of mind. You will walk away with the confidence of knowing that your requirements have been met.

We pride ourselves on always being open to suggestions on services and products to improve your experience, and should you have any helpful comments or constructive criticism, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Divan Lomberg, CEO


On offer

-Repairs and alterations to all canvas tents
(Tears, patches & zip replacement)

-Manufacturing of canvas tents including adding multiple rooms to existing tent.

-Manufacturing of new canvas tents for caravans as well as adding custom designed rooms

-Manufacturing of canvas Gazebos on existing structure including repairs to gazebo and adding of side panels

-Custom made boat covers

-Manufacturing of windbreakers to customer requirements

-Custom made canvas outdoor blinds and repairs done to plastic windows, zips and canvas drop sheets

-Manufacturing of PVC and Canvas Tonneau Covers

-Manufacturing of canvas Trailer tent covers and roof top tent covers

-Custom made Pool Covers

-Custom made Trailer tent renovations, including removing and refitting of tents

-Manufacturing and repair of roof skirts

-Custom made Shading Carport Nets, Canvas and groundsheets